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“Don’t Miss Out On Your Chance To Be Taken Step-By-Step, All The Way, To Building Your Very Own Thriving Portable Building Business By Someone Who Has Been ThereAnd Done It.

Matt Buchel originally from the western suburbs of Sydney, has developed several successful businesses including a property maintenance business, portable building business and a manufacturing and retail business which he built from scratch to $6 million per annum in only 3 years.

He’s dynamic, energetic and highly motivated and doesn’t stand still for very long. His strengths lie in finance, staffing, marketing and sales; and he has a driving passion to help other business owners grow and succeed as he has done.

Claims to Fame

  • 2011 Runner up as Marketer of the year in Chicago at the Dan Kennedy super conference – an event attended by thousands of top marketers from all over the world
  • 2011 Marketer of the Year at renowned Millionaire Maker Mal Emery’s Streetsmart business school
  • 2011 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the year nominee
  • In 2011 his companies’ growth averaged 58% per annum during a recession. This would place Matt and his business in the BRW top 100 at position 57 – not bad for a high school dropout!
  • Also in 2011 he was named Smart Company’s 29th fastest growing company, in their 50 growing companies list
  • Built up several businesses and sold some them for multi-million dollar price tags.
  • High level marketer – has invested over $3,000,000 of his own money in advertising and marketing, so he know what does and does not work
  • Retailer – owns and oversees his own retail stores
  • Considerable staff management experience – having hired, fired, kept and managed over 272 staff
  • Extensive importing experience – bringing in millions of dollars’ worth of stock each year from China, Africa, Indonesia, Canada, America and Vietnam
  • Business Coach – provides business coaching services to hundreds of small businesses of all different types
  • Street Savvy – within 12 months has selectively won multi-million dollar government contracts away from competitors who have been in business for over 20 years.
  • Founder of the quality tradies association the only trade association who focuses on helping trades build their business

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