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"Cash In on The Portable Building BOOM!"

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This Business for Sale in Melbourne creates a HUGE opportunity for someone willing to work a little and earn plenty of money along the way!

“Cash In On The Portable Accommodation Boom – This Business For Sale Melbourne Gives You The Answers And Lets You Cash In Instantly!”

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Looking for an easy-to-run business for sale Melbourne?

As you have probably heard, there’s no doubt about the huge demand for portable accommodation and portable buildings all across Australia at this point in time.

Mines, communities, home owners and people from all different walks of life cannot get enough portable buildings and large manufacturing companies cannot manufacture enough portable buildings.

This creates a huge opportunity for a business for sale Melbourne for someone who is willing to ….work a little and make plenty of money along the way.

My name is Matt Buchel, and previously among other things I founded and operated a Portable Building Business; a business that took me lot’s of time and money to set up and perfect… and to a hand selected few I am going to pass on the secrets but more on that in a moment.

You see, even though I have set up and perfected a Portable Building Business, I quickly found I couldn’t cover the huge demand in the market place.

So to combat that problem I’ve put all my hard work into an easy-to-follow system so you can start a Portable Building Business in Melbourne ( please note I am selectively allowing certain areas to have access to my system).

Here’s what’s included:

You get everything you need to get started right away;

Part 1 – Blueprints, leads, suppliers and more

  • Certified sets of engineering drawings for Portable Buildings
  • Workshop drawing on how to build a jig for walls
  • Supplier contact details
  • Start up – Leads from our lead generating website
  • Videos show casing product
  • Pricing guide to email your customers
  • Floor plans
  • Recommended pricing for floor plans
  • Your own website and much, much more (more explained in video on next page )

Part 2 – Plant

  • Not a huge amount of plant equipment is required but when purchasing this business, there is a full list of required plant equipment and where to get it will be given to you. In lots of cases you may well have gear you can use that you already own
  • I will also guide you to selecting the right location to manufacture your Portable Buildings

Part 3 – Staff

  • How to set up you staff structure
  • What type of staff to hire
  • What type of qualifications staff should have

Part 4 – The Golden Nugget

As part of this package I coach you the whole way through… I help you over come all the obstacles I came across when I set up my Portable Building Business.

I’m with you every step of the way for a full [either] 90 days or 12 months – depending on which package you choose.  We pre schedule your calls in, all you need to do is write down your questions and I will answer them for you.

Plus you can email me and I will answer your questions as quick as I can.

Such as:

  1. Suppliers – Where to find them and how to get the best price
  2. How to price the buildings (I give you my calculator that lets you work out the price of any building instantly)
  3. Where to set your business up – not sure if you have the right location? Just ask me I will help you get the right location.
  4. How to get leads – I have that covered; I will give you ads you can place in your local papers, show you where to advertise online
  5. How to present your invoice and contract to your customer – I give you my template and show you exactly how to set up your payment plan so you are always paid in advance

You are going to have plenty of questions and I will be there to answer them for you.

What sort of investment is involved ?

To be honest with you, the above only really partly explains the program and before revealing the pricing I would have preferred that you fill in the form above or below so I can go through, in full detail, exactly what you get and how much you can make out of this extremely lucrative business for sale Melbourne…

However, I will reveal the pricing in the hope that after seeing this business for sale Melbourne is very affordable, you will watch the online video anyway.

Continuing on, as I mentioned earlier, I have worked out all the tricks to setting up and making profitable my own Portable Building Business, plus have been running my own other multi-million dollar businesses for over 10 years.

In saying that what I’m giving you here is simply a license to print money; the demand is huge!  All you need to do is follow my guidance and you will be as successful as you want to be.

Business brokers and other business experts have suggested I price this at $150,000 and call it a franchise.  And even then it would be very well priced considering the huge return on investment for a Melbourne business.

However I have priced it much, much lower with the base package starting at only $29,000 + gst or $140 per week (we can help you with finance approval; full details available once you register above or below) this includes one on one coaching from me.

So What Do You Do Next??

Fill in the form above or below and watch the online video that explains how much money you can make from your new Portable Building Business in Melbourne. How to get finance approved and why this is likely to be one of the best business for sale in Melbourne you may come across.  The Video goes into greater detail on what you actually get with the business in a box.

Once you watch the video, if you are interested further there is an application form under the video where you fill in your contact details. Be sure to include any questions you may have and I will then personally contact you in a day or 2 to discuss further with you.